Previews Dark Seed and Seed Of Control

Click on the image of Dark Seed or Seed of Control to get a sneak peak into the first two chapters, with a bonus first page of the third chapter. Afterwards check out the links of the retailers to get your copy. Have a review? Let us know!

Dark Seed Preview by Lawrence VeriginDark Seed Preview by Lawrence Verigin

Some thoughts from other readers

“Dark Seed is well written, pertinent, interesting, funny, romantic and full of suspense. It is an excellent read.”
– Stephanie Swetlishoff, Editor, Iskra Magazine


“…A real page turner. A few years ago the plot might have been considered fantastical, but what once was implausible is now precisely the opposite.”
– Randy Kaneen, Author of In Search Of Sticks


“Be warned, if you give yourself to this book, you will walk away a changed person. It’s that good.”
– Scotty Schrier, Author of Jode Unforgiven


“Lawrence Verigin’s premise of genetically modified organisms being manipulated for corporate greed is entirely believable and a warning of what is already going on in our food production.”
– Terry Peters, Editor, North Shore News

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Dark Seed the book an ecological thriller by Lawrence VeriginDark Seed the book an ecological thriller by Lawrence Verigin