Dark Seed

An ecological thriller by Lawrence Verigin

Journalist, Nick Barnes didn’t realize that meeting scientist, Dr. Carl Elles and agreeing to write his memoir would change his future. Nick had been burned in the past and wasn’t sure if Dr. Elles was being honest – he’d heard genetically engineered food was good and going to feed the planet. But the job could potentially get his career back on track.

Dr. Elles knew that what was contained in his notes would severely damage his employer, Naintosa, the agro-chemical giant and its owner Dr. Hendrick Schmidt. That knowledge made him have to pay the ultimate price. Naintosa’s security force had been instructed to stop the information contained in the notes from being made public by any means.

Morgan Elles wanted to save her father’s legacy and convinced Nick to help her go through copies of the notes and write the memoir. Little did they know who they really were up against. But once they discovered what was hidden in the notes and the brutal disregard Dr. Schmidt had for people, they had no choice but to try to expose him and his company. However that meant having to somehow elude Naintosa’s security leader, Peter Bail and his men and live.

From the rain slicked streets of Seattle to the turbulent Eastside of Vancouver, from a snowy lake in British Columbia’s interior to the tropical heat of Maui, Nick and his group must elude their pursuers to find the truth.

Set into motion sixty years ago, the Schmidt families plan went deeper than anyone could imagine. Being that close to full implementation, two amateurs weren’t going to stop one of the most powerful men in the world from finishing what his great grandfather started. Dr. Schmidt was a steward of humanity and deserved to steer the course of the world and profit in kind.

Was it too late? Could the plan be stopped?

Dark Seed is fast paced and entertaining while bringing awareness to disturbing and relevant issues of today that effect everyone, whether we know it or not.

Dark Seed the book an ecological thriller by Lawrence Verigin

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