Seed of Control

Book two in the “SEED” series of ecological thrillers by Lawrence Verigin

A meeting with Summer Perkins, a past co-worker at the Seattle News, began a chain of events that altered Nick Barnes’ and humanities future. He wasn’t sure what she wanted to meet about; he barely remembered her. What happened?

Nick, with the help of others, had written an exposé about the dangers of genetically engineered food; specifically the wheat and soy seed produced by Naintosa. The agro-chemical giant owned by Dr. Hendrick Schmidt made people deathly ill on purpose – for greed and control. Now Dr. Schmidt’s pharmaceutical conglomerate, Pharmalin, was working on the cure – or that’s what everyone thought.

Naintosa filed for an injunction against publication and then it was a waiting game as the fate of the exposé was slogging through the court system, exactly as Dr. Schmidt hoped.
But something more, something even bigger, was happening and a scientist that helped with the exposé was killed. Then there were multiple attempts on Nick’s life. Someone didn’t want Nick and his group discovering a larger scheme.

Nick, with the help of ally, billionaire Jack Carter, joined forces with the rest of the group, plus two new specialists, to put the pieces together.

It turned out Dr. Schmidt wasn’t the only one preparing a plan so much bigger than first thought or ever even imagined. He had the help of Davis Lovemark, chairman of the largest media company in the world and Carlo Da Silva, a man crucial to the shaping of the Internet. These men thought themselves stewards of humanity and weren’t about to let some lowly amateurs prevent them from achieving their destiny.

From misty San Francisco to rainy Seattle, from a secluded inlet north of Vancouver to cultural Paris and a historical village in England, Nick and his team must elude their pursuers to unearth the truth.

The manipulation plan had been in the making for two generations and was almost fully implemented. Everything was in place. It would change the world’s population and the balance of power forever.

Could the scheme even be stopped at that point?

Seed of Control is a gripping and relevant, high concept thriller, brimming with plot twists and intrigue that may not be far from reality.

Dark Seed the book an ecological thriller by Lawrence Verigin

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